Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy 6th birthday Collin!!

A month late....

But only on my blog. We celebrated it in real life on time!

Aunt Heidi has been waiting 'patiently' for the pics of the invites since she designed them from Chicago and all I did was put them together. So here they are! Thanks Aunt Heidi! Even from across the country you still are awesome at throwing parties!

As you can see we had dinner and a movie. But they had to have somewhere to sit so we made cars. That way it was a "Drive up movie". The boys loved it and had tons of fun decorating their cars and sitting in them for the whole movie. And we didn't even have anything get spilled! Wow! They all got a Capri Sun and popcorn to start then we moved on to pizza. It was great for me too as there was almost no supervision needed or much involvement from me! Lesson? Movies are good choices for 6 year old birthday parties!

Aunt Kimi made the cake. She does such an amazing job! Even the 6 year olds were impressed with the cake! The decorations are fondant which some of them thought tasted funny, but since there was a layer of frosting underneath we had no real complaints! The cakes were awesome and I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out. And it's free to have your sister make them....even better!

Collin had a great day and got lots of great toys. He was pleased and so was I! You can't beat that!

OK, fine.

I got yelled at today by my sister that I never blog. That I'm "A blog slacker". Yep, pretty much. I am. I *love* to read blogs....I'm just not always that into writing in *my* blog. It's not nearly as much fun to read!

So what have we been doing?

We went to our annual Spring Training Chicago Cubs game, of course! We had lots of fun and enjoyed our last year of it being so close to home. Next year the Diamond Backs and the Rockies will be moving their training to Phoenix as Tucson just hasn't been supporting them much anymore. Collin ate tons of junk food and was overall really good! Liam didn't get as much to eat and he wasn't quite as well behaved but he did take a nap for a while. It was pretty hot though so he didn't sleep very long.

We also started our year of swimming lessons! Sort of.... apparently they started at 1, not 1:30 so we were a half hour late for our first week.....for the 30 minute swimming lesson! Ooops! Good job mom! Then we skipped a week because of Easter and this weekend Collin had a birthday party. So he hasn't gone yet. He will be making up those two classes this week though and will be right on schedule for week three! Liam and I went this week and he did really great! He loved it and loved the attention of the coach. There is only one other baby in the class and she wasn't there so we had a private lesson! Not bad! He is such a happy baby overall that he wasn't any problem. Except the back float. He doesn't really like that. These pictures are from week one, before we figured out that we were late! Poor Collin wasn't very happy with me. Oh well!