Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Collin turns7!

Collin turned 7 last month!  He wanted to have a space party because he is just so obsessed with being an astronaut or designing shuttles/space ships.  We had lots of fun planning it!  We launched soda bottle rockets which every kid loved.  Even when we made one of them bleed.  (The kids...not the rockets)  As usual we had a great cake (though it sort of fell over)!  There isn't really much to talk about with a 7 year old's birthday but here are a few pictures.

These are of the kids decorating their rockets prior to the big launch!

Here is Collin's finished rocket getting ready to launch for the very first time!


This is the cake! 

Here is short clip of the launch!  

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  1. LOL love the clip! That's how it was folks! One minute it was on there and the next minute we were trying to find them in the air! Wonder if you got the one off the roof yet?! Fun times!